Welcome to Blandford Constitutional Club

Lots of entertainment coming up, see the panel to the right, or the Events page.
Regular events:
Bingo – Tuesday, 7.30pm weekly.
Quiz – Alternate Wednesday’s with the Meat Draw, 8.30pm.
Meat Draw – Alternate Wednesday’s from the Quiz, tickets on sale now.

Summer Fun!

Look forward to seeing you all in the Club over this beautiful summer season!

I hope you all enjoyed the May Georgian Fayre Open Day, it was good to see so many members around.

Don’t forget, we are open to new Members, so bring your friends and families in!




And we are Off!

New year new you?

Bingo restarts Tue 9th,
Quiz restarts Wed 10th
Meat Draw TBC.

We plan to hold the AGM on Mon 5th March, 8pm. Further details to follow.

Here’s to a great year, hope it goes well for you!